The Global Marketplace for trade

Kountable is a startup with a mission to build a global marketplace for trade. Based in San Francisco, offices in Rwanda, Kenya and the U.S.

How it was

  • begin
    The beginning
    • Started with creating a simple MVP of two web apps
    • Defined business needs
    • Tested solutionon the TA
  • ds
    The design System
    • Our UI/UX team together with the front end and mobile engineers build a design system that saved hundreds of engineering hours and ensured the quality of the product.
    • Migrated our web apps from Angular to React
  • insights
    Helpful insights
    • On our visit to Rwanda and Kenya, we talked to the users and their feedback helped the app’s UI improve significantly.
    • The services were working way slower than we expected. The distance to the data center was to blame. We moved the infrastructure from the U.S. to Europe. We described our infrastructure in code using CloudFormation templates, Stacker and ECR Docker containers.
  • rescue
    CI/CD to the rescue
    • Setting up a CI/CD deployment pipeline with blue-green deploys backed with autotest to achieve zero-downtime, bulletproof deploys
    • Using monitoring tools like Grafana, Sentry and Sumo Logic, we controlled the applications’ health and reacted to the potential problems before they became real issues
  • mobile
    Mobile-first Africa
    • Rwanda and Kenya are mobile-first countries, so it was important to deliver a mobile experience for their businesses. With that in mind, we needed to build a mobile app as quickly as possible.
    • We went for an MVP using the IONIC framework and delivered it within a month. The hybrid application was later replaced with native iOS and Android apps.

What We Built

contracts-img.png project-details.png project-details.png
contracts-desktop.png project-details-desktop.jpg project-listing-desktop.png


Created unique intellectual property
revenue growth from $7 mln to $36 mln in 2018
highest number of active users per month
to customer engagement and satisfaction
accelerated average project processing time from 5 to 2 days

The Value we delivered

Two years later, we’re still passionate about the solutions we’ve developed together and their objectives.